We regret to inform you that due to extremely hazardous and unforseen road construction along our entire Sprint and Olympic Bike Course we have made the extremely difficult choice to reschedule this year's Kemah Triathlon event to October 7-8.

This was not an easy decision to make, but absolutely necessary to ensure the safety of our athletes. This construction came as a surprise to both us and the City of Kemah, and was not something we were aware of in any way until recently. We have deliberated with TXDOT and the City of Kemah as quickly and thoroughly as possible.  We only decided to reschedule after we exhausted every possible viable option for altering the course.  Too much of the course, starting from Kemah and going past Texas City, is milled up for repaving. It is especially bad going through busy intersections and at turnaround points.  We just found out that the work will be ongoing for the next 90 days in dozens of long sections on both sides of the highway.

We have put a lot of resources into this event and we are just as upset as all of you, over this development. We also recognize what you all have put into it, on every level. Unfortunately, this is sometimes the nature of our sport. We oftentimes use partially open roadways that none of us own, and despite our absolute best planning, sometimes these issues come up. Our race is certainly not TXDOT's main concern (with good reason) and while they've been great/accommodating to work with, they have a job to do with needs that outweigh our race. Over nearly a decade the Kemah Tri has been produced without construction issues.  If there's a silver lining, it's that the officials and venue were willing to work with us in quickly establishing a re-schedule date.

Some may ask why the re-schedule date is so late in the season. April is now a no-go because Ironman bookends the month with the 70.3 at the beginning of the month and the full Ironman at the end of the month. Falling in between would not work. With the construction not being done for 90 days that eliminates March, April, and May. June-September is the City/Boardwalk's busy season so they cannot schedule it then. Not to mention all the other triathlons taking place during those times. October was the only month that worked for the City, Boardwalk, and the BCT Series schedule.

Again, we cannot stress enough how dangerous the bike course on Highway 146 is at this time. It is in the process of being resurfaced, leaving deep grooves as well as sharp rises and drops for a lot of fairly long portions of the route on both sides of the road. As always, the safety of our athletes is our #1 priority, and we cannot even consider putting all of you at risk. 


Your registration for Kemah has been updated to reflect the new October 7th and 8th dates. You do not need to do anything at this time to maintain your registration and be rolled into that new date. This includes clinic registrations as well as the youth event. Both of those events rely on the support of the main event in order to happen, so they must move with it as well.

For those that cannot join us on Oct 7-8, 2017 we are also allowing you the option to transfer your entry to one of our other series races, which include the Cypress Triathlon (July 29-30) and Towne Lake Triathlon (Sept 3-4). Click HERE for instructions on how to transfer. Again, we regret the inconvenience we know this causes, and are working to provide the best options for all parties involved. If you have any questions, please e-mail info@bayoutris.com.


If you had a hotel room booked for this event we have contacted the hotels and bed and breakfast establishments in the city. They have agreed to allow a free transfer or cancelation but you must act quick. Remember that most of them have policies on no refunds within a certain timeframe. We are still outside that time frame but it is approaching quickly. Please take care of a transfer or cancelation on your room ASAP.

Thank You,

Kemah Triathlon Race Management