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The following is a copy of the email sent to all registered athletes:

Update on Towne Lake

Hello Athletes,

We hope you are doing well in the aftermath of the Hurricane Harvey flooding. It was unfortunate, to say the least, that we had to cancel the Towne Lake Triathlon (Labor Day Weekend) but, as you know, necessary for a number of reasons.

We want to make sure you all understand exactly what is going on “behind the scenes”, as we always want to be transparent as we seek to serve you all the best in the present and the future.

That being said, canceling an event that close to it’s date of fulfillment means a majority of the funding (registration money) was already paid out to contractors and vendors. That reg money was not all “lost", some of it was. It simply means that we have credits to use this year with those companies we work with to execute the event. So even though we don’t guarantee that we will re-schedule if something crazy happens, we love putting on triathlons and we love you. So, we have been spending dozens and dozens of hours working with the fantastic entity that is Towne Lake, and we have great news - we are able to re-schedule this year!

As you can imagine Towne Lake is booked with events nearly all year. When an event is canceled it cannot simply be re-scheduled for any weekend it wishes. The fact that this event typically happens later in the year leaves us very few dates we could look into. We also have to be considerate of other existing triathlons, the holidays, and other big local events on the calendar through the rest of the year.

The New Date:

After working through multiple ideas, literally, the only available weekend this year we have been allowed to use is Saturday and Sunday, December 9-10, 2017. Saturday - youth races, Sunday - adult races. 
We realize that this is past the typical end of the triathlon season, we also realize it’s relatively close to the Christmas holiday, lastly we realize it has the potential to be cold. We know all these things. We want you to know we did our absolute best to re-schedule this sooner than December (late Oct or Nov) but it was not possible.

Refund Policy:

We hope that you will all be understanding in why we cannot offer refunds or transfers to a 2018 race (as has always been stated on our website). Refunding everyone when the money has already been spent would certainly mean that the event, and company would not be able to continue operating as it is, and is therefore not an option (which is the reason for the no refunds policy). We cannot offer transfers to a race next year either, because it would still have a similar financial effect on both Towne Lake Tri, and whatever race the athlete(s) would transfer into. So please do not ask for a transfer into another event next year.

Distance Transfers:

We ARE allowing individual transfers requested by the registered athlete to any distance they would like within the December 2017 re-scheduled Towne Lake event. Please note that for the same reasons listed above, we cannot offer a refund for part of your reg if you decide to choose a shorter/cheaper option than what you already paid for. Specific emails will follow with instructions on how to transfer and when. 

Pre-race Clinic:

If you registered for the pre-race clinic, you will be automatically transferred into the pre-race clinic with the new date. The schedule will be the same layout as the original schedule, just with new dates.

Duathlon Option:

We are also offering a duathlon option for both the kids race and the adult race! For the kids race, there will be a juniors and seniors distance run/bike/run duathlon option that they may transfer to if they’d like. For the adults, there will be just one sprint distance duathlon run/bike/run option they may transfer to. We are good with you doing whichever race you would like. However, keep in mind, wetsuits will very likely be allowed for the first time at Towne Lake and it’s a chance to race in some much cooler weather. Also please note that once you switch, you will have to stay with that decision. Switch once and you are agreeing to that event. Cutoff dates to switch by will be announced in follow up emails. 

Making the Best of It:

Everything to do with the hurricane, flooding, and tornadoes is incredibly unfortunate in so many ways, but we are doing our best to still put on a race for all of you so it’s not just an outright cancel. Please keep in mind that this is a ton of extra work for our staff, volunteers, and coordinators, so please give them some love. This is not something we planned on and absolutely not something we wanted, but we are excited to make the best of a bad situation and hope you will still join us for some fun in December and beyond!


Please note that we have every intention of returning the Towne Lake Triathlon to it’s original/typical Labor Day Weekend date for 2018 and beyond.

What to do from here:
-If you want to stay with the distance you are already registered for, you do not have to do anything.
-If you want to change to a different distance or the Duathlon, please wait for more instructions once we get the events all setup.
-Beyond some schedule and time changes due to sunrise (will be updated on the website asap), you are all good to go.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Bayou City Triathlon Series Management


Towne Lake Triathlon

Cypress, TX
Saturday December 9th - Sunday December 10th 2017