Show up on RaceDay with a Group,
get special discounts and prizes!

We think training and racing with groups is awesome! So from now on, when you register, include your team or club you train with.

  • This can be a tri club, a Ruck team, a fitness gym, an OCR team, a road running group, a trail running group, whatever team, swim team, club or training crew you love and workout with.

  • We will be rewarding the fastest AND the largest groups at each event with prizes.

  • We will also give every main leader / trainer / coach a special prize.

The Details:

  • When you register, add in your group's official name (don't make up something random that nobody will recognize).

  • Let your group’s coach/manager/owner/trainer/etc. know what’s up.

    • Send him/her our email address to get help knowing details and pushing the group to signup so y'all can win. (

  • Invite your group members to join in the fun!

  • Must have at least 7 group members join to be eligible.

  • Must have at least 1 group member in every distance / category offered at that event for your team to be eligible.

  • Must have at least 5 different groups at that event for prizes to be awarded.

  • Two categories will be available.

  • Prizes will be awarded:

    • Largest group registered,

    • Group with the best 7 places.

      • scored cross country style;

      • whatever your overall finish place in that distance, is how many points you scored;

      • best 5 finishers of your group, no matter which distance is completed at that event, count for points;

      • team with the lowest point total wins.

      • No double dipping on the two categories.